What is Counselling?

There are times in life when we may really need to talk to someone about an issue that is bothering us. Turning toward friends can be helpful, but on occasions it may be more appropriate to talk to an impartial professional who will help you deal with your feelings in a healthy way. Because of the nature of the relationship, you can be assured that whatever is said will remain confidential and that you will be treated with respect and without judgement.

Marriage or Relationship Counselling

So often, the person we love most in the world, the one who gives us enormous joy and happiness, can also be the one who sends us in to states of frustration, anger, sadness and even despair. All it takes is a careless remark, a particular facial expression, or a slight turning away of the head, and before we know it, it’s world war three.

The reality is…there’s no closeness without this sensitivity. How well we deal with these moments, however, depends very much on how safe and strong our relationship is. If our connection with our partner is strong and we feel safe, moments of disconnection or rupture are made good by repair attempts, such as an apology, or some other gesture of good will, but if we don’t feel safe and our relationship is fragile, then more than likely the conflict will escalate. For more information about relationship or marital therapy concerns go to the Services tab and scroll down to Relationship or Marriage Counselling.

Common Issues that brings couples to relationship counselling

Emotional distancing; Affairs; Bickering or intense arguing; Parenting style differences; Substance abuse; Gambling; In-law issues; Mental Health Issues; ; Sexual desire differences; Financial concerns; Cultural differences; Personality differences. If your relationship isn’t what you would like it to be, then don’t hesitate, call us now and arrange an appointment.

Separation Counselling (How do we tell the children?)

When a relationship or marriage breaks down, at Staying Connected Counselling we do our best to work collaboratively with the couple to bring about a deeper understanding of the issues presented and to explore appropriate solutions. However, if either one or both partners has decided to give-up on the relationship, then we can discuss with you the most effective ways to separate so as to cause the least amount of harm to your children, which is essential for their adjustment to a new family structure and to their continuing development.

There are specific ways that are predominantly preferable and they are age specific (meaning children of similar ages should be told together and should be told only that information which they can absorb, cognitively and emotionally). On the other hand, adolescents should be told separately.

Common issues that bring individuals to counselling

Depression; Anxiety; Stress management; Anger management; Sexuality; Grief/Loss; Eating disorders; Alcohol / Substance Abuse; Low self-esteem; Work place issues; Lack of meaning or purpose; Adjustment to change; Low motivation; Sleeping problems. For more information about depression, anxiety and anger management, please go to the Services Tab.

Whatever the issue, at Staying Connected Counselling we can connect you with a highly trained, qualified and compassionate, registered psychologist or counsellor who will assist you in making positive changes in your life; positive change is just a phone call away.

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